Take care of your gynecological health with these exercises


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Bwom is an app to help women improve their gynecological health with advice especially for them. It has recommendations, suggestions, and warnings about abdominal issues, constipation, and other factors to help prevent urine leakage, belly fat, and other problems.

With this app, you can take a quick test to check up on your pelvic floor muscles. Once you have completed the questions, you'll get your results via email. There, you can see how you can improve or maintain your health. With this evaluation, you'll have access to a personalized list of exercises based on your results.

A team of physiotherapists will help you understand your condition and possible adverse effects so you can manage your own pelvic floor recovery plan. This plan is shown in weekly charts with activities that the app designs just for you.

Bwom will send daily alerts so you never forget to do your exercises. You can also listen to the instructions via audio so you can exercise more comfortably, without having to constantly check your device to see what to do next. Improve your pelvic floor muscles and the quality of your sex life, all by spending just a few minutes a day with this simple app.
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